These computer exercises will help students nail down key concepts from the textbook.  You can see what these examples look like in this short YouTube video.

The exercises are written in Mathematica.  If you don't have that on your system, you and your students can download a free Mathematica player here.

This is a work in progress and the files could be updated at anytime, so check back periodically. If there's a particular chapter you'd like to have some exercises for, send me e-mail.  

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 (updated 3/14/13)

Chapter 4 (updated 3/14/13)

Chapter 5 (updated 10/22/14)

Chapter 6 (updated 3/29/13)

Chapter 7

Chapter 8 (updated 9/22/14)

Chapter 9

Chapter 10 (updated 3/20/13)

Chapter 11

Chapter 12 (updated 8/15/14)

Chapter 13

Chapter 14 (updated 4/19/18)