Chapter 10

Dr. Albert Bartlett's resources on exponential growth

Watch his talk Arithmetic, Population and Energy and get ready to have your mind blown! (seriously)

Dr. Bartlett also wrote numerous papers on exponential growth, many of which are collected in his book, The Essential Exponential! 

examples of exponential growth

Unsustainability of exponential growth

The unsustainability of exponential growth underlies many high impact analyses of our economy.  A great example is the book, Limits To Growth, published in 1972.  Many criticisms and updates to this book have also been published.

Social cost of carbon

The EPA has this webpage describing its calculations.  These numbers are not without controversy (of course).  Here, for example, are two papers arguing that the actual SCC is much higher.

Here is a very accessible article explaining the SCC and why it matters.

Watch this great video by Paul Kelleher about the SCC, discount rates, and cost-benefit analyses.